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Engineeric Uganda is focusing on leveraging its strengths in information and communications technology (ICT) to promote digital transformation to change our lives and businesses for the better, and to offer Solutions for Society that increase the sophistication of infrastructure systems and services that are indispensable to society.

Raymond Nuwagaba /Co Founder


Years of Experience

With can assure you great, professional and Elegant work

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Happy Clients

Every client we work on is a happy client ready to recommend us and also provide us with more contracts

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In-house Experts

With our great number of in house experts we can assure you great and professional work

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Successful Projects

Evidence of our great work is through our successful projects and research we make

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Optimize IT systems

we have become specialists at turning new ideas into viable products for our client’s organizations

Protect your business

As you automate your processes through digital transformation, you need to be thinking about out how someone might try to cause harm through a malicious attack. With our Cyber Security team we ensure safety.

Empower your employees

One simple way to empower your employees is to have the people at the top of your organization lead the way through digital transformation

Solutions to help businesses stay up

companies need bold leadership committed to change, comfort with emerging technologies, and a focus on the impact of digital change on customers, products and services, internal processes, and opportunities. It means taking a hard look at how the work has been done and considering new approaches.

Our People

Our people ensure success of business or organization through digital transformation

Customer Service

With our customer service that works 24/7 we ensure fast and reliable feedback

Pro Customer Support

With our customer service that works 24/7 we ensure fast and reliable feedback and also ensure fast problem solutions

Account Security

With the cyber security team we ensure tight and risk free account security if information

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