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A well-defined strategy is vital to the success of your business’ technology infrastructure.

Technology Consulting with Engineeric Uganda will result in an easily implemented and actionable plan. Only after working with you to understand your business and your goals, we will provide you with a realistic and proactive strategy. This strategy is the kind of vision you’d expect from a chief information officer — someone who can see both immediate needs and long-term goals in the same picture.

Engineeric Uganda can provide this vision because we are the most significant technology services provider on the Western Slope, with over 100 years of collective experience in technology. Our resumes include successful technology management experience for companies of all sizes, from Fortune 100 Companies to Business Incubator startups.

Professional Technology Consulting with Networks Unlimited:

  • A Staff that Gets IT – If technology isn’t working for you then it isn’t working, period.
  • An Understanding That More Isn’t Necessarily Better – We don’t believe in technology for its sake, it must fit with your business goals and strategy.
  • Predictability & Scalability – With our extensive experience working with companies of all sizes, we understand that in most cases, IT needs are prioritized concerning the budget. With almost any budget in mind, we can ensure superior uptime, enhanced security, and predictable expenses.

Get your FREE Network Assessment

For prospective clients, we offer a free, no-obligation network assessment. We will take a proactive look at your network and report on any current or potential problems we find. Your assessment will also include:

  • Review of Network Components and Basic Network Configuration
  • Review of Computing Environment (Server/Workstations)
  • Review of Maintenance Procedures
  • Review of Security and Data Backup
  • Basic Needs Assessment Interview with select staff