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Desktop Application Development Services


Are you looking for desktop application development solutions that can turn your software idea to enrich your experience in today's volatile IT domain? If yes, then you are at the right place. Our extensive pool of software developers have expertise in common desktop development technologies, including C/C++, .NET, Java, Adobe Air, Cocoa with Objective-C, QT, wxWidgets etc.

At Engineeric Uganda, we can build platform-specific and cross-platform desktop app that can help accelerate your business productivity and boost your online presence.

Desktop Application Development Services We Offer

We have a dedicated team of software developers and designers who can create a secure and cost-effective desktop app with rich UI. A few desktop application development services that we offer are -

For Windows desktop apps, we are expert in native API and for cross-platform, we have a thorough understanding of the middleware, including C#/VB, .NET, C++ Builder, Lazarus, C++, MFC, etc. We also offer desktop app solutions for Mac and have 10+ years of expertise on native Objective-C Cocoa and use C++ Builder, C++ Qt, C#VB, etc. to build a cross-platform app. Moreover, we have an extended team of LINUX experts who can build custom desktop apps using C++ Qt, Lazarus, C#/VB, and .NET Mono.

  1. Cross-platform Desktop Applications

    Cross Platform Desktop Applications

    Cross-platform desktop apps save a lot of time as the codes have to be written only once that reduces its time to market. Moreover, it comes with a plethora of modules and extensions, which makes its deployment and maintenance easier.

    At EU, we have seasoned developers having experience in creating desktop applications that can function equally well on multi-operating systems. Our developed application will look attractive on each platform while functioning in the same way.

  2. Desktop Designing

    Desktop Designing

    We design and develop a high-end desktop application by leveraging the latest tools and technologies, including C#.Net, VB.Net, ASP.Net, PHP, VB, Java, etc. We carefully balance the features and visuals that provides power and simplicity. If you want to custom design your Windows-based desktop application, we can design it as per the needs of your target audience by understanding their needs, removing unnecessary clutter & redundancy.

  3. Desktop App Development Consultation

    Desktop App Development Consultation

    When you outsource desktop app development to us, we can provide initial project consultation to assess your project's viability, thereafter, if the project is complete and your application is made live, we will provide a 24/7 consultation service. You can initiate a meeting over the phone, web, and/or via email.

  4. Application Customization

    Application Customization

    Apart from developing a full-fledged desktop app development solution, we offer customization services as well, which is taken care by our highly qualified professionals who understand the architecture and execute it accordingly. We can immediately deliver the customized requests, giving you the necessary flexibility to meet the demands.

  5. Support & Maintenance

    Support Maintenance

    After we render our services, we will not keep you waiting for support. We provide extensive back-end integration assistance and support to enhance the process efficiencies and make our collaboration 100% hassle-free.