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Database Management Services

Database Management Services

The advancements in technology have opened the floodgates for endless volumes of data to flow into the system. With this tremendous amount of data pouring in from diverse sources and in multiple formats, it becomes a critical task for organizations to store, process and manage this data. And even more so in today’s data driven world, where it has become the key to business success.
A robust and efficient database management system resolves all your data worries, giving your business the power to lead

What is Included in the Database Management Services Offered by Engineeric Uganda?

By becoming a reputed CRM database management services, we have specialized in SQL and NoSQL databases. We provide expert assistance in database management services to make a big impact on your business. We also provide 24/7 support to keep your business functional and organized anytime, anywhere. The database management solutions we provide are as follows -

Database Architecture Design1. Database Architecture Design

The one size fits all formula is particularly not true when it comes to database management. Every business will require a unique way to categorize, harmonize, and control data. So, we weave database architecture around your actual business needs to facilitate risk-free management of data.

Administration & Monitoring2. Administration & Monitoring

If you have a database but not proper means to control and oversee management, we can help you with database administration by allocating our database administration resources for the project. This will take care of all challenges that come in the way through automation.

Database Patch Management3. Database Patch Management

Ability to seamlessly integrate additional components, software modules, and third-party apps is a key step in scaling your existing database. This process requires caution and iterative testing at every stage to ensure a smooth integration that would function reliably in real-time conditions. Our database patch management services can take care of the functions involved in making your database truly future-ready.

Database Security Management4. Database Security Management

Once you outsource database management services to FWS, we take quality care to design the system that is secure and reliable. Since data in the database is intended for users of various levels of clearance we design systems that authenticate users and their access rights to generate the exclusive view. We make tour database systems secure to prevent data from falling into wrong hands.

Database Backup & Recovery Management5. Database Backup & Recovery Management

Securing databases from internal and external threat is a complex challenge that costs time and money along with impeccable planning. However, we design database management systems in a bug-free manner. We also create back-up and restore points that can help you prevent business downtime if your DBMS system is under threat.

What is the Database Management Process We Follow?

We know that our clients are keen to know to what is the data development methodology we follow before they outsource database development services. The answer is quite simple, by understanding your core needs we develop a customized database that is ideal for your business needs. Here is a step-by-step process involved in database development services - 

01. Planning & Requirement Evaluation

We bring to table an effective strategy by understanding the complete picture of the client's challenges and requirement

02. Design Conceptualization

Since the DB management dashboard requires a customized interface for each user by considering their access rights and other security factors we conceptualize a design before obtaining your approval 

03. Database Design

The entire database management is given a final design that is a fine balance between performance and practicality. The design consistency is maintained throughout the structure 

04. Database Implementation

The database structure is implemented, and data is mounted. We provide training and support to ensure that your team can effectively handle the database 

05. Maintenance

We can provide a 360-degree support to help you stay operational round-the-clock. On your insistence, we can track the performance of your database to ensure better performance in real-time