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Advanced Security Suite

Advanced Security Suite

Being secure means more than just throwing firewall and antivirus at the problem.  To be safe, organizations need to test their technical controls, review regularly, and update their written policies, and ensure their users know how to interact with systems and data safely.

We offer a comprehensive suite of security and compliance services to help businesses combat hackers and meet regulatory compliance demands.

  • AccessIT is an advanced identity security solution. It provides multi-factor authentication (MFA), requiring multiple steps to login in, thereby protecting accounts from account hacking, and also protecting accounts from breach by password theft by phishing or redirects. In addition, AccessIT can provide single sign-on functionality across compatible applications which will allow users to log in using MFA once to access all their applications.
  • Anti-X Managed Threat Response (MTR) is an advanced security monitoring service that utilizes our Anti-X virus protection software to use all PCs as security “sensors” on the client network. Application, networking activity, and behavior is sent to a dedicated 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC.) The SOC team analyzes the data from the sensors and takes the appropriate actions. Anti-X MTR requires that the customer already have both the Anti-X PC Advanced and Anti-X Interceptservices.
  • Anti-X Encryption Service is a service that manages/deploys and monitors the Microsoft Windows Encryption features. This service provides compliance level PC encryption on the hard drives of covered PCs. We will monitor/manage and deploy encryption to all current and future Windows Workstations on the client network. Anti-X Encryption guarantees that all information stored on an encrypted hard drive cannot be accessed if separated from its native encrypted PC.
  • AuthorizeIT Application Installation Review/Screening Service is a service that uses the Networks Unlimited Remote Support team to review and screen applications before they are installed on your company’s workstations. This service provides two gatekeeper functions: First, this service helps to reduce the amount of software installed by your employees on their PCs without licensing or authorization. Second, this service provides a screening process whereby Networks Unlimited can check the reputation, version, and licensing requirements for application before it is installed on your workstations. Authorize- IT Application Installation Review/Screening allows for whitelisting which speeds the installation of applications and updates for approved software.
  • Security Awareness Training provides ongoing security bulletins, training, and phishing tests for all your PC users. These components increase user awareness of attempts to entice users to click on malicious URL links and/or provide user names and passwords to imposters. Security bulletins are emailed to users as new threats arise (generally at least one bulletin per month) with an accompanying video. Phishing tests are performed once per quarter and track which users click on links, for reporting/training purposes. This service does require that email spam and virus filtering services are configured to allow testing of this type.

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